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marine photograography & video Stock photography...Put our photography or video to work for you Photographs can bring impact, excitement and life to your business communications. Stock footage can add production values to most videos. Imagine your annual report, newsletter or brochure illustrated with a beautiful sunrise. Hold your viewers attention with breath taking video of the shuttle launch. From heart warming portraits to dramatic imagery. 
corporate industrial File Footage ...Years of doing photography for the tourism industry have greatly added to my file of beautiful scenics. Probably have just the photo you were looking for.
Photo files and tapes by Roger Scruggs may contain just the visuals you need to communicate a message. Give me a call to see if I can provide the graphics for your next presentation.
Decor murals Photo decor   ....Photographs can provide you with years of viewing enjoyment. The possibilities of designing with photography are endless. The only limiting factor in decorating with photographic art is your own imagination. Photo decor offers a fresh design alternative. One that can be beautiful without pricing itself out of the competition with other design approaches. Photo decor is an incdredibly flexible and versatile medium.Photographic art leaves plenty of room for the interior designer to make a statement, evoke a mood, reflect a personality. In this age of visual sophistication and awareness, using photo decor is an idea whose time has come. 
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   and video from around the world
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