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Whether it be still photos or video, Roger Scruggs has the experience to tell the story in a single photo, a photo essay or a video with a beginning, middle & end. He knows how to tell a compelling story with video and audio.

His photos have appeared in publications from Italy to Japan. Videography has been used by the networks in the US and Europe. Roger began his career as a military photographer, graduated from Brooks and continues provide images that communicate and reach the viewers emotions.


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Ronald Regan at Disney World

Kelly  & Sean Slater Cocoa  Beach surfing major events
Earth, wind and fire; Fire gods, a true story, god's honest truth.
Bon fire on the beach; not a tradition, surfers are too free spirited to have traditions.But it was a scene repeated as far back as the earliest Luau Hawaiian pig roast. If it was on Malibu you would have expected a director to holler "cut!'.but this was another perfect Veterans day weekend in Cocoa Beach. Valluzzi, Propper, Baugher & Codgens, were standing by the fire talking about the Sean Slater contest and how great it was to have the home town hero take time from his very busy world tour to surf in his brothers contest. It had been another perfect Cocoa Beach day. The waves were typical Cocoa Beach, never big enough to create a world champion surfer (yea right!) but big enough for a contest. The wind & rain gods seem to show respect for the local surf god. Even the city had cooperated by allowing the bonfire on the beach. The guys were thankful and it was low tide so they could build the fire closer to the waters edge so the embers couldn't reach the palm trees and volleyball nets. Far down the beach a lone surfer silhouetted by the moonlight walked into the water. Twombly, Salick & Catri suggested that who ever it was must really need to get some extra practice time beforeSundays Expression Session.
It was getting late and the max high tide was now lapping at the edge of the bonfire pit.The waves were getting bigger with promises for an even better day of surfing on Sunday but the shore break was barely large enough for an average surfer to even do an 'off the lip'.
Suddenly it happened, like those wonderful rogue waves that sweep tourist into the ocean, it peaked right next to the fire. And literally shot out of the dark, he performed a full aerial completely around the fire.The vortex from his spinning board fanned the flames above his head. The flames would have singed the hair on any other surfer but even the god of fire couldn't touch a hair on this guy's head, if he had any. Before he could slam his board back down into the backwash for his paddle back to the sea, the massive spray from his board had completely dosed the fire. Ohare & Tabling & McRoberts all just stood there in the dark,wondering "my God, what was that!"
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