Roger Scruggs PO Box 321054 Cocoa Beach, Fl 32932-1054 Phone 321-795-6545
Roger Scruggs can communicate your public relations message with either still photos or video.
His many years of experience doing all types of public relations photography gives him a real
understanding of what it takes to create photos that best communicate your message.
Roger knows how to make your clients feel at ease and energetic.

 Can do - photo & Video

* Aerospace
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* Aviation
* Advertising
* Entertainment
and Bands
* Hotel & Resort
* Legal
* Locations
* Marine & yacht
* Photojournalism
* Portfolio
* Executive
on location portraiture
* Public relations
* Sports
* Stock footage
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Book signings, Ribbon cuttings, Publicity release, Executive portraits, Press conferences,
Video news release, Special events, Galas, Roast, Dinners, Newsletters & Press kits.